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We can support your business in conducting a skills audit of your current workforce, then review the required skills for each role to determine if there are any identified gaps. We are can then assist with a range of Training and Education services to fulfil the gaps with both accredited or non-accredited training to support the skills and development of your workforce. In addition to a skills audit DP Consultancy can discuss your ongoing training and education plan for your workforce, both current and future needs and asssit in the planning and implemetation of the required knowledge and skills of your staff.

DP Consultancy can work with you to seek opportunities for funding and grants to support the financial aspect of skill development for your workforce and assist in the planning of a short or long term training schedule for your staff to up skill or conduct competency refreshers.


AT DP Consultancy we can act on your behalf as your return to work coordinator, to allow you to outsource this role when a member of your team suffers an injury and requires a supported, graduated return to work program. Our experienced return to work coordinators are able to work with your business to understand the employees job role and assist in the development of a suitable duties plan while liaising with the employee and all stakeholders to ensure a supported graduated return to work program is implemented, monitored and achieved and instilling a positive workplace culture through the return to work program.


DP Auditing Services will support your business in conducting an internal or external audit. We focus on quality management services to support you in a review of your current systems or can assist you to prepare for an external audit by a third party. Wether you are seeking to check your compliance against industry standards, accreditation or review, Let us be the one to support you, we understand your day to day busy schedule and can offer assistance when your audit schedule is due.


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