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Rehabilitation & Return to Work Consultancy Services

The current Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 enables organisations to outsource the rehabilitation and return to work coordinator role to an external provider –

This means you can:

  • Reduce the costs associated with employing a full-time employee to this role
  • Focus on what you and your organisation do best
  • Engage a specialist to assist in reducing insurance premiums and
  • improved return to work outcomes for your organisation
DP  Consultancy Services are here to help you!

DP  Consultancy is your preferred provider of Rehabilitation and Return to Work Co-ordination, who offer specialised services for your business when you need a Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinator.

It is essential for any organisation to ensure the health and safety of its workers, contractors, customers, visitors and to the general public. By utilising a risk management process DP Consultancy can assist your organisation in the prevention of workplace injuries, resulting in reduced workers compensation claims, less lost productivity time and furthermore, lower your insurance premiums.

Through our holistic approach we can offer services including:

  • Injury prevention
  • Incident management
  • Injury management
  • Risk management and
  • Policy & Procedure development


The Claims Process needs to be conducted in a timely manner, completing all steps

Step 1: Injury Notification Forms to Work Cover

Step 2: Make contact with the treating doctor

Step 3: Identify suitable duties whilst undergoing rehabilitation

Step 4: Develop a suitable duties program in conjunction with all parties & lodge

Step 5: Monitor suitable duties program and injured workers progress

Step 6: Liaise with injured worker, supervisor and work cover

Step 7: Update all case notes and case management processes

Step 8: Obtain feedback from all stakeholders upon completion of rehabilitation programs

Step 9: Provide strategies for continuous improvement strategies for Return to Work Processes


The benefits of outsourcing the role of Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordination to DP Consulting include;

  • Reduce costs associated with having a full time staff member appointed to this role
  • Focus on what you and your organisation do best
  • Minimise lost productivity
  • Utilising your staffs skills as they are intended, focusing on what your organisation does best
  • Control staff turnover, boost employee morale, and minimise recruitment and retraining costs
  • Fast track your employee’s return to the workplace
  • Peace of mind knowing that qualified personnel are dedicated to your business
  • Experience working with Work Cover Queensland and a working knowledge of the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
  • Assurance that best practice case management principles are used to co-ordinate an early as possible return to work for the injured worker
  • Communication with all stakeholders is conducted in a professional, timely manner with a common goal identified and agreed upon by all parties
  • Having an impartial person to assist when relationships between stakeholders are strained or have broken down
  • By engaging DP Consulting from the day of injury (or as close to as reasonably possible), claims costs can be reduced, ensuring employer premiums are kept to a minimum
  • Assurance that your organisation is compliant with current legislative requirements
  • Engage DP Consultancy and gain the benefits of reduced premiums and  improved return to work outcomes for employees, employers and the workplace

DP Consultancy is able to take as the role of Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordination and can work with you, the employer, the employee's, and all stakeholders, liaise with the GP to raise their level of understanding about the operations of your business and what alternative or suitable duties may be available or developed for the injured worker within your workplace as well as liaise with Work Cover Qld on your behalf.

We encourage regular communication between the employer and injured worker regarding the recovery progress and alternative or suitable duties that may be available or developed within the workplace. Studies have shown that workers feel more inclined to return to work knowing that the employer and the workplace supports them and a early return to work.

If a claim is incorrectly managed the end result can be very costly for the employer as the cost of the statutory claim directly affects the calculation of future workers compensation premiums.
Further if the injured worker is unhappy with the way their claim has been handled either by the Insurer or the Employer, there is a stronger likelihood that they will pursue a damages claim, which again will affect future workers compensation premiums.

When someone from your business or organisation has suffered an injury it is vital that the workplace have an effective Rehabilitation & Return to Work management system and processes in place. This will ensure that the injured employee is provided with immediate assistance and support to aid in their speedy return to work.

DP Consultancy has extensive experience in working with business and organisations throughout this critical phase and our involvement has assisted employers reduce injury durations by weeks while ensuring that their insurance premiums are maintained at a minimum level.

Rehabilitation and Return to Work Management

Employers who are pro-active and create effective Return To Work programs can minimise the impact of a workplace injury.  Early Intervention programs and injury management plans are essential components of a solid Return To Work Program.

Using these tools and more, DP Consultancy can assist in identifying suitable tasks, conduct a task analysis develop effective return to work programs and monitor the return to work of injured employees.

Ask us today how we can assist in tailoring a RTW program to meet your business or organisation’s current requirements.

Rehabilitation and RTW Policy & Procedure Development & Review

Under the Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (Queensland), your organisation may require Accredited Policies and Procedures for rehabilitation and Return To Work Management.  DP Consultancy can assist with your compliance in a number of ways:

  • Provide advice on your current policies and procedures to ensure that they are practical, concise and compliant with current legislation
  • Rehabilitation process review to ensure relevance and accuracy

The Development of new policies and procedures that are both easy to implement and compliant with legislation.

Provide education resources, induction sessions for all staff in relation to Rehabilitation and Return to Work Programs within your workplace

Staff Training

DP Training & Consultancy can also provide your organisation with a training program that is designed to assist your staff understand the need for Early Intervention in the injury management and return to work process.  Our training services cover the ongoing injury management and rehabilitation requirements to ensure that all return to work programs are continuously improved in order to sustain successful outcomes for all parties– particularly in providing reductions in overall claim costs.

Training forms an integral part of the services we offer, induction programs can be developed and incorporated within your organisation. Our commitment is to meet the needs of employers and employees in all aspects of Workers Compensation and Workplace Health and Safety.

  • How many times do we see staff lodge claims for compensation after the event, without ever having reported the alleged injury?
  • How much time would it save if your staff were aware of the procedures and what obligations they have, to report an injury to the appropriate personnel?

Are your staff aware that not only is it the responsibility of the employer to ensure that employees work in a safe and healthy manner, but there is also an obligation on the employee to ensure that he or she does not put themselves or anyone else at risk of injury?

Phone our Consultants today for all of your Rehabilitation & Return to Work needs, let us be the neutral party for your business to assist both you the employer, and your employee's reach the same goals.

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